NOTICE:  Due to potentially severe weather, the Annual Meeting has been rescheduled for Tuesday, March 1 at 7:00 PM at the Trussville Civic Center

Carrington Dues Notice:

The annual dues notice was mailed through Regions Bank.  Unfortunately, there has been a mistake with the "coupon".  Regions should have mailed the cover letter, 1 page with detachable coupon and 1 return envelope.

The 2016 dues are $300 which are due by February 28th.  On March 1st unpaid dues will incur a $25 late fee, per month, until dues are paid in full.

If you would prefer to mail your dues to us, please make out check to Carrington Homeowners Association and mail to:

Carrington Homeowners Association
PO Box 59788
Birmingham, AL 35259

If mailing check to the address above DO NOT use the envelope mailed by Regions.

Be certain to include your Carrington address on your check.

You may also pay online at  If you have not previously registered please do so.  Your account number will be your abbreviated address.  Example:  6005 Andrew Lane would be AL6005.

Thank you.

Southern Property Management Group

With the purchase of our new Christmas decorations, we thought it would be a great idea to invite everyone of an afternoon of festivities. On Saturday, Nov. 21st from 1pm - 4pm, we will gather in the field to the left of the entrance and have a great afternoon of fun. We will have FREE food and activities for everyone. Southland BBQ will be onsite serving hotdogs, chips, and drinks; and FunSource Rentals will have attractions for the kids. We would like to also invite you to assist us in decorating the entrance and making this a community wide event open to all Carrington HOA Members. Please bring your family and get to know your neighbors.

As of July 2014 Southern Property Management Group is the new management company for the Homeowners Association. Feel free to contact us at any time.

For general questions and concerns click HERE.



HOA Annual Dues - $300.00 - Download Dues Notice HERE. Dues are payable in January of each year and apply to the period defined as the Association’s fiscal year (12 month period commencing January 1 through December 31).

LATE FEES - Dues are considered delinquent on March 1st and will accrue a $25 late fee each month until paid in full. There is an additional monthly account analysis and administrative fee added to unpaid balances. Unpaid dues are subject to legal fees from the collection attorney and a possible lien on your property. Please see 1st Amendment to the Bylaws under CCR's at top of this page.

COVENANTS AND RESTRICTIONS - New and Existing Homeowners - Please review the Covenants and Restrictions (CCR’s) pertaining to your sector, located under the above tab (CCR’s).



Installation of Cameras
As many of you know Carrington has been the target of many home and car invasions. In order to help protect your community the Board of Directors unanimously voted to install cameras at the entrance and exit of Carrington Drive. The cameras will record all vehicle license plates of anyone entering and exiting the neighborhood. Please take daily precautions to ensure your home is secure. Call the police of any suspicious activity is taking place in your neighborhood.

ARC Violations
SPMG drives through Carrington once each month in order to inspect for covenant violations. The most frequent violations are trailers in driveways, cars parked on the grass, covered cars in driveways, trampolines in driveway and signs in yards. The covenants were put in place to keep the aesthetics of the community uniformed. Please be aware these violations can lead to legal actions. Please be a good neighbor and abide by the covenants.

Please do not post any signage of any type on the street signs, stop signs or utility poles. Not only is this against the Covenants & Restrictions of Carrington it is also a violation of the City Sign Ordinance. The City can and will fine homeowners.

Carrington HOA Board of Directors

President - Dustin Reaves

Vice President - Melvin Rhohling

Secretary - Abby Valas

Carrington Crest - Dustin Reaves

Carrington Valley - Johnny Dorn

Carrington Parc - David Biddy, Allison Gault, James Jackson, Amanda Klimko

Carrington Ridgeview - Ed Harris

Drive Safely – Make a conscious effort to observe the “rules of the road”, and drive safely. The speed limit for Carrington is 25 MPH and seems to be disregarded by several residents. If the speed situation does not improve, we will be forced to take more drastic measures and consider permanent speed reduction methods. Mayor Melton has already increased police patrols in an attempt to reduce unsafe driving in our subdivision.

ATV's, Golf Carts, & Four Wheelers – We have all seen these types of vehicles on our roadways, and the simple fact is that these are not street legal vehicles. Unfortunately, it is mostly unattended children who seem to be violating this law. Not only is it illegal for children under the legal driving age to be operating these vehicles, but it is extremely dangerous!

Fire Restrictions – Just a reminder that it is illegal to burn yard waste (leaves, sticks, etc) without a permit from the Trussville Fire Department and the Jefferson County Health Department.

Along with the joys of pet ownership comes responsibility. One of these responsibilities is to be sure that you do not infringe on you neighbor’s happiness by neglecting your responsibilities as a pet owner.

Unsecured Dogs – Homeowners are encouraged to call The City of Trussville to report unsecured dogs. The City has leash laws which mandate securing dogs.

Barking Dogs – No one enjoys the sound of a dog continuously barking. The City of Trussville has a noise ordinance that addresses continuously barking dogs. Please do your part in assuring that your animal is in compliance with applicable regulations.