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Carrington Lakes

  • Please note the Carrington Lakes communities are not members of this Carrington Homeowners Association.

Train Information

Norfolk-Southern Main Number: 855-NOR-FOLK or 855-667-3655
Emergencies: 800-453-2530
Crossing Gates/Signals/Rough Crossings: 800-453-2530

  • NOTE: When the train is blocking the entrance, Carrington Lakes HOA  has kindly agreed to allow residents to exit out the back access through  Carrington Lakes on to Blackjack Road. There is an entrance off of  Blackjack if you want to enter through there in instances where the  train is blocking your ability to get home; however, the gate is not  manned and the gate guard does not get the call from the box there, so  you will have to wait for someone to provide you with access in.  Carrington HOA has no control over this situation, as the gates are  controlled and manned by the separate Carrington Lakes Homeowners  Association.


  • Our current landscaping company is Triple Care Lawn and Landscape. We  have contracted them to mow and maintain the entrance to our  neighborhood and other common areas throughout the community. It is the  responsibility of individual property owners to mow and maintain their  trees, lots and yards. Our property management company does send notices  when weeds and grass need to be cut back to maintain aesthetics. 

Street Light Issues

  •  Please send an email with the number that is on the light pole, along with the nearest street name and house address to our property management company,  Neighborhood Management -  angie@nhmllc.org .

Tree(s) Blocking Roadway

 Please contact the City of Trussville so that they can remove the tree : 205-655-7478

  • As a courtesy to our neighbors, we encourage homeowners to prune back  their trees from the roadways so that drivers can easily traverse the  roadways. With so many trees throughout our neighborhood, an occasional  check in the front of your yard to see if your trees are leaning or  obstructing traffic helps maintain aesthetics, flow, and accessibility.  Our landscape company does not trim trees not in common areas.

Missed Garbage Pickup

  •  Missed pick ups should be reported to Trussville City Hall (205) 655-7478 by 4:00 p.m. Residents are encouraged to bag ALL trash to reduce the loose litter  that falls from trash cans when the trash company lifts the cans and  what rubbish might float out of the truck as they drive through.


Carrington ARC Form (doc)